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borisov is a place where we host different chefs to introduce their own style. chefs who create an unique chefs menu that reflects their own fascinations. we’re combining this with lovely (natural-) wines and dinner tunes at an easy-going location. exciting news, 12th & 13th of may (and onwards) we’re launching our very own shared dining menu. 


besides our alternating chefs, you can always pass by for having your daily lunch, coffee, drinks, or where you can work from. If you like we can also help you with hosting a private event.


> find us at Rigakade 10, Amsterdam 

Borisov open:

monday // 11:00 – 17:00

tuesday // 11:00 – 17:00

wednesday // 11:00 – 17:00

thursday //  11:00 –  23:00

friday // 11:00 – late

saturday // 17:00 – late 

sunday // closed (occasionally open)


lunch, DRINKS & wine MENU:

> menu


05-05 & 06-05: chef takeover by alexander gershberg and marika groen
join japanese koji fermenter marika and vegan chef alexander on may 5th and 6th, for an 8-course dinner celebrating the comforting umami flavor, price 60eur. they have created a modern, creative menu based on Japanese koji ferments such as miso and sake, as well as traditional preparations from the shojin ryori cuisine.
friday 05.05’2023
saturday 06.05’2023

12-05 & 13-05: (new) borisov shared dining menu

next week, friday 12th and saturday 13th of may, we’re launching our new shared dining menu. we can’t wait to let you try everything. limited spots available for the display right below (formidable). act fast! expect a refined, accessible and diverse menu for an easy price. 

friday 12.05’2023
saturday 13.05’2023
more coming in later.. keep you posted  


do you also want to be up on this wall and do a take over at borisov? send us an inspiring mail with all your info and background to